The exhibition will take place from September 16 to October 27, 2018.

You are invited at a preview of the exhibition on Sunday, September 16, 2018, in the afternoon (time to be confirmed).

New Exhibition: Chemins de traverse
(Side Roads)

To compensate for the gloom of a spring that did not keep its promises, an invitation, which is almost impossible to decline, is sent by les Amis de la reliure d'art du Canada (L'ARA-Canada) to the bookbinders of the planet to celebrate the birth of an original spring creation, an authentic work of art entitled Chemins de traverse.

This piece of work is the result of a creative endeavour carried out by the same team that brought to life the warmly welcomed book Les escaliers de Québec (2008). By Luc Bureau, geographer-writer for the text, and Ghislaine Bureau, for the graphic design and illustrations, Chemins de traverse is printed in an edition of 45 numbered copies and 5 copies unavailable for sale.

The graphic composition of the work turns the writing of each short text into original drawings. Five handmade illustrations are reproduced individually in each copy. The printing of the work is made from plates of magnesium affixed on handmade paper from the "Moulin de Larroque".

The first exhibition of bound copies will be held in the fall of 2018, at the magnificent Monique-Corriveau library in Quebec City. .

Cost of book for ARA members:
Can$325 (for Canada),
US$280 (for American countries),
280 euros (for Europe and other countries).

Cost of book for non-members:
Can$375 (for Canada),
US$330 (for American countries),
330 euros (for Europe and other countries).

The prices include all expenses: a copy numbered and signed by the author and the designer-illustrator, the exhibition catalogue, and shipping costs for sending and returning the book.

Limited quantities available
For sale starting now

To participate, please read the Conditions of Participation and simply fill out the Registration Form.

Binding Description Sheet

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Excerpts from the book
Chemins de traverse

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